Fashion’s got a low self esteem

It’s been pushed to the back seat for over a year now, but every now and then it pops its head through to the front to remind me it is still there, and it needs attention. I joined the art club at one of the high school’s I teach at, in hopes of giving it a confidence booster! It seems none of these paintings or drawings would exist if I hadn’t joined. I’ve realised how important deadlines were to my production of something resembling a fashion portfolio. I’m not studying anymore, so really the only motivator I have is myself, or a kick up the cahoonay (I just pictured myself at fashion bootcamp and it wasn’t pretty). 

Honey I’m home

Well, home away from home:  When I’m in Japan I call South Africa my home, but when I was home, I referred to my apartment in dear little Mihara as home. It’s all very confusing. Anyways, here I sit, (back in Japan) ready to unpack my bags like a kid on Christmas. For now, still in my groggy airplane state, I’ll leave you with a drawing of mine that I found when I was at home home (you know which home right?).