Japan diaries: When it was all brand new

A recent springclean led me to this little list of gems: some notes I scribbled down just over a year ago during my first weekend in Tokyo:
Taxi doors open themselves
Doormen always bow
Marty buys a R42 icetea by mistake
A three story McDonalds.
Lights make it feel like day
Charades in a department store
Walking until my feet are blistered
Feeling safe and free
Packed streets past midnight
Salarymen playing last touch
Japanese people screaming on the streets
Shibuya women – my smartest clothes don’t compare
Breakfasts worth R500
Octopus balls vendor
Laugh until I cry about the boys going on about a beautiful manhole cover
Finding coke in a vending machine and it tastes the same as home
City buildings as far as you can see
Flickering red lights from the hotel window